Annie Capelle

Pharmacist, RPh

Portland, OR

Annie earned her Doctorate of Pharmacy from Oregon State University in 2009. Influenced by her close relationship with her grandmother, she decided to pursue a career in long term care where she could help elderly populations with their medications.  While she has enjoyed her work in long term care, Annie was interested in expanding her medication knowledge and skill set in a new area of pharmacy, medication therapy management (MTM). She was able to realize this when she joined myMTMCare in the fall of 2015. 

Annie enjoys MTM because she is able to serve as an extra set of eyes to look for potential medication problems and help optimize medication therapy. She especially likes being able to interact directly with patients to help address any questions they have regarding their medications and work with them to resolve any areas of concern. She has found it to be very rewarding helping people better understand their medication therapy.

When Annie is not working she enjoys reading a good book and experiencing new places and
restaurants in the Portland area. She especially loves spending time with her husband and two young daughters.


MyMTMcare provides comprehensive medication management services. We’re the link that insurance companies, health plans and health care clinics need to reach high-risk patients.