Randee Bowder

Founder and CEO

Hood River, Oregon

“There were so many rules, so many demands, and so little time for patients,” she says. “When I punched into the pharmacy, I felt like I was checking out of myself.” Randee quit her job at a community pharmacy to become a consultant pharmacist delivering medication therapy management (MTM) services to patients all over the country via phone. The experience took her in an entirely new direction. With more and more health plans recognizing MTM as a critical prevention strategy, Randee couldn’t move fast enough to keep up with the demand. In 2012, she launched myMTMcare, and took on the role of CEO. Since then, Randee has worked on the company strategy, business development and service innovation in the MTM industry.

As CEO of myMTMcare, Randee is responsible for company strategy, business development, and service innovation in the MTM industry. Through her dedication to positively impacting the health of patients, creating a satisfying work environment for her employees, and sustaining value for her partners, Randee has created a highly competitive and successful MTM company that partners with health plans to create individualized MTM programs that allow them to meet their goals. “myMTMcare is an expression of everything I value,” says Randee “Each day is different, offering new challenges and opportunities. I love experiencing the growth and change of myMTMCare. I get to be an entrepreneur, a compassionate listener and a leader in my field all at once.”

When she is not leading myMTMcare to the next frontier, Randee can be found at her local CrossFit gym, running trails, backpacking with her husband and daughter, or rejuvenating in a yoga class.


MyMTMcare provides comprehensive medication management services. We’re the link that insurance companies, health plans and health care clinics need to reach high-risk patients.